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A visit from Porto isn't what the doctor ordered

A BIG night for Bayern coming up and having decided that it was their wacky quack and his medical team who cost them in Porto, you wonder who the pitchforks are going to be out for if the Portuguese mob finish the job in Munich.

I felt a crumb of sympathy for Dr Frankenstein Muller-Wohlfart after he was made the fall guy for Bayern’s Champions League horror show. Until I saw a picture of him.

He’s 72 going on 60, has a full mullet with only a few dashes of grey and a decent tan. He’s obviously minted and I bet he’s got a yacht.

He may have been ridiculed for pumping honey into players’ knees and preferring the extract of dried cockerel testicles over Deep Heat, but whichever of his many zany concoctions he’s tried on himself they’ve definitely worked. Maybe Ted Hankey should give him a bell.

Anyway, it doesn’t look as though the massages have been enough to get Arjen Robben off his sickbed so without the diving Dutchman I just can’t have Pep’s lads. Oh yeah. Pep Guardiola.

I don’t suppose he should consider taking a soupcon of flak for the predicament that Bayern find themselves in, should he? You know, him being the manager.

His former club are home and hosed as far as I’m concerned and in the absence of anything much to get excited about in the Nou Camp, Porto to qualify is the bet of the night.

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B Munich v Porto

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Key stats
  • Bayern have won nine of their last 12 home games ­without conceding a goal
Expert verdict
Losing 3-1 in Oporto will have come as a shock to Bayern but they have every chance of repairing the damage at the Allianz Arena, a venue where they have won all four of their Champions League home games this season – scoring 13 goals without conceding. Porto will defend deep but may not have done enough at home to qualify.